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W dzisiejszym poście odpowiem na pytania, które zostały mi zadane przez KatieMarieClarke w ramach Liebster Award. Zachęcam do odwiedzania jej bloga o modzie, codzienności, inspiracjach itd. Bardzo dziękuję za nominację mnie do tej nagrody !

Today in my post some questions which were asked me by KatieMarieClarke ( thank you for nominating me for the award, check ! her beautiful blog about fashion, life, inspiration etc...)


1. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you,
2.Create your own 11 questions for the people who will be tag by you,
3. Choose 5 people for the Liebster Award and notify via comments or messages,
4. LINK the tagger's blog and nominees in your post.

Questions for me:
Your favourite designer ? Robert Kupisz
Who inspires you ? I haven't only one person,sometimes this are another bloggers, but most this are polish stars and Marilyn Monroe
What's your wardrobe essential? Bag, black leather jacket,Lilou bracelets, skinny, misbehave's t-shirt
If you could have a free shopping spree in one shop what shop would you choose? ZARA
One wish? Be popular fashion blogger ;)
Why did you choose your blog name? It's short and fit to my person
What are your biggest goals in life? Graduate the university and become PR manager
Skirts our trousers? Trousers
What city has the best fashion week in your opinion? Paris
What is your favourite trend? Neon clothes and jeans shirt
How do you feel being nominated for this award? Honored and appreciated ;)

My questions for you:
- What is your favourite fashion icon?
- What is your favourite magazine ?
- One thing you need the most?
- Which fashion brand you like the most?
- Why did you create your blog?
- What is your biggest dream?
- How would you describe your style
- London or Paris?
- High heels or wedges?
- Which cosmetic you use the most?
- How often do you go shopping?

My nominees are:
- http://jessicabanach.blogspot.com/

Their blogs are amazing check it !

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  1. jasne, dodaję do obserwowanych, liczę na odzew :) http://escapereality0.blogspot.com/

  2. gratuluję ;D
    bardzo fajne pytania :)



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